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JB Pacific is the result of two like-minded construction professionals that set out to create a construction company focused on delivering complex projects in the commercial, biotech, and healthcare construction markets.

We were established based on loyalty to our customers and the premise that delivering a complex process can be done in a collaborative, streamlined and efficient process by a dedicated team of professionals. We prefer to partner with our clients acting as an extension of their organization, to manage a complex process and mitigate risk along the way.

We understand that every project is unique so therefore our approach to delivering every project is modified accordingly. We strive to utilize our knowledge and experience to deliver a customized plan that meets the end user objectives, relative to cost, schedule, function, safety and aesthetics.

Our team is comprised of experienced construction professionals with attention to detail and who are empowered to act as extension of the clients in which we serve. We strive to make a complex process worry and risk free for our clients.

The foundation of our company is based on the following principles:

COLLABORATE: Know your customer, understand what they are trying to achieve by when, who is impacted and how we can minimize those impacts, offer solutions, engage and most importantly commit. The essence of collaboration is bringing all customer stakeholders and project team members together early on in a project to produce excellent results

PLAN: Take the information you have gathered, and tailor a plan specific to the project. A plan is specific, relevant and has the projects objectives applied to the means and methods of how we build. Our goal is to have a well thought out and coordinated plan in place prior to mobilizing in the field.

BUILD: Putting plans into action and delivery steadfast management and oversight is key to pushing any project over the finish line. We focus on improving ways to better this process from start to finish by being proactive and solving problems early on in a project. We approach all of our projects from a solution based approach to deliver a successful project.


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